Campfire Hobo Dinner

Campfire Hobo Dinner

This is so convenient to pack up for a campfire dinner in the mountains with the family. And a little corn bread {made before hand} goes well with it. :)


1 pound ground beef
4 red potatoes, cut into large chunks
20 baby carrots
1/2 cup yellow onion, halved and sliced
garlic salt, to taste
pepper, to taste


Shape ground beef into 4 patties, and separate vegetables into 4 equal portions. Place 1 hamburger patty and 1/4 vegetables on a sheet of tinfoil; season with garlic salt and pepper. Fold foil over to seal. Cover with a second sheet of foil and seal well. Cook tinfoil dinners over campfire wood coals turning once for 30-45 minutes, or just until potatoes are tender.

4 Servings

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