Parmesan Breadsticks

Parmesan Breadsticks
Adapted From:


12 Rhodes dinner rolls, thawed but still cold
butter, softened
garlic salt with parsley
grated Parmesan cheese


Roll each dough ball between hands to make a rope. Spray an 11x17 baking sheet with cooking spray. Place breadsticks on sheet in 2 rows of six, spaced 1-inch apart. Use a butter knife to butter the top of each breadstick. Sprinkle with desired amount of garlic salt and paprika, then generously sprinkle on Parmesan cheese. Cover with a tea towel; let rise for 2 hours {rising the breadsticks for longer makes the breaksticks too hallow inside and they'll flatten like a pancake when picked up}. Uncover; bake at 350° for 10-15 minutes, or until just starting to brown.

12 Rolls

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