Butter vs Shortening in Cookies

Butter vs Shortening in Cookies

You can substitute equal parts butter for shortening in most recipes. Whenever a recipe calls for shortening I use butter instead because I prefer the amazing butter taste in my cookies, BUT they don't turn out as fluffy and beautiful as the cookies made with shortening. I hate that! 

The cookie on the right, I made with butter and baked them as usual - they were flat and fell apart.

The cookie on the left, I made with butter {its from the same batch}, but I chilled the dough for an hour before baking. They were full and held together perfectly... and they had the butter taste I love. 

So this isn't so much about butter vs shortening... either way, I know they'll turn out great! But if you prefer butter over shortening, I recommend chilling your dough... it helps! :)

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