Should I Take a Multivitamin?

I've always had healthy teeth - not one cavity in 25 years. Probably because I've ate cereal twice a day my whole life! I was addicted. :O) But I noticed my teeth are a little sensitive and achy lately. I am starting to wonder if I'm deficient in my calcium intake. Today, I looked up what foods are rich in calcium, and most of them are dairy {and I am not eating dairy at all anymore}. Some calcium rich foods on the list that I can eat on a paleo diet are eggs, kale, nuts, and broccoli. It's recommended that we eat 1,000 mg of calcium per day. I eat 5 eggs every day, cause I love eggs, but I'm definitely not eating 4 cups of broccoli with my omelet.

The idea behind eating paleo is that you'll get sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals from food and not need a multivitamin. In a perfect world, right!?  It's hard to try to cover all my bases without obsessing over whether I'm eating enough of the right kinds of fruit and vegetables my body needs for certain important nutrients, and on a regular basis.

I know there is some paleo-friendly multivitamins out there without soy, milk, and grains. The organic whole-food types seem better as opposed to the synthetic types.

My plan for now is to try to eat more broccoli and nuts throughout the week and see if that occasional achy teeth feeling subsides. I think that what we will and will not have in our diets is a personal decision - and not because the paleo books say I can't, so I'm not opposed to taking a multivitamin. It seems the more strict-paleo you are the less worry you'd have in trying to identify any deficiencies tho, so I'll go that route first.

*** Update ***

I posted this yesterday, and I was talking to my friend this morning about my sensitive teeth. Her first thought was that I'm eating high acidic foods - like fruits and vegetables that could be making my teeth feel extra sensitive. Makes perfect sense. I am going to try changing my toothpaste to Sensodyn Pronamel. This might help my little issue too. :)

Also, my physical is coming up soon. It'll be interesting to see what my blood work reveals about whether I have deficiencies or not.

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