What Coconut Oil Is Best?

I have found that not all coconut oils are created equal. When I started eating Paleo, I didn't know what to look for. I bought the coconut oils at Walmart to start. Bad idea! The brands sold there don't have the amazing coconut smell that makes me want to drool every time I open the jar. They had no smell at all. My mom and I call it the "smell test", we want our coconut oil to smell like coconut when we take off the lid. Nutiva and Nature's Way are both quality brands I highly recommend using. They add a great coconut flavor to my food when I use it for frying or baking. I want that flavor, if you don't then Walmart stuff will do. I normally buy my coconut oil at Good Earth {my local health food store in Riverdale, Utah}, but I came across a huge pallet at Costco of 78 oz. Nutiva brand for only $21.99!!! Are you kidding me!???? I bought the 32 ounce Nature's Way on sale at Good Earth for $13.99 {regularly $29.99}... and I thought that was a good deal. I hope it's not just for a limited time at Costco... I use coconut oil at least twice a day, so I need it to be affordable. :)

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